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Developing a global framework for 23 countries

One framework to rule them all.


  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Our role

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development


We joined forces with a telecoms giant to create a new, global framework and implement it in 23 countries.

The brief was to partner with their UX & design team to build one translatable framework that would be understood and adopted by countries across the globe, allowing the countries to build on the modules while driving brand consistency globally.

The brief also included creating a prototype that demonstrated key user journeys with APIs to provide real data and user experience.


The biggest challenge was the truly global scope: Building a single, on-brand framework for 23 countries. All technical decisions and standards needed to work for every country. A collaborative approach was vital to make sure each country was well equipped and ready to transition to the new framework.


We divided the project into two themes.

  1. Providing feature development to align with the telco group design.
  2. Getting country feedback on features, using a technical stack every country could use, irrespective of back-end.

We enhanced some aspects of the existing framework, enabling countries to customise their local modules and contribute back bug fixes iteratively and provide support documentation.


As a result of the direct and deep collaboration with the telco and its countries, the project was a success and 23 countries were converted to the new, stack-agnostic framework.

We had one-to-one overviews with 12 countries, community calls with 21 countries and on-site workshops with 2 of them.

now have access to all source code and assets so they can enhance modules independently, allowing for full transparency and efficient use of their resources.

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