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London Block Exchange

Crypto for consumers - The LBX app

LBX were a small team with big plans to launch a platform for trading cryptocurrency.


  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Our role

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development

Thinking bigger

The initial scope of the project was a simple redesign of LBXs existing system. After we got a clear view of their business needs and goals, our recommendation was to shift the focus and scope of the project to the build of a completely new product.

The product

Our designers partnered with LBXs design team, working together in a transparent, agile environment, with backend partners and compliance all feeding into the build, to create a product that was beautiful, secure and easy to use.

What did it for me, was their can do attitude, problem solving and project management skills.
Jacob Papageorgiou - Head of Marketing, LBX

The result

By the end of the project, LBX had grown several times in size and with the release of the IOS and Android app, so did their number of users.

As more people discover blockchain and crypto, the LBX app with its tutorials and user friendly interface is a perfect starting point for users new to crypto trading, as well as an effective tool for more seasoned traders.

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