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Justin: timesheeting made easy

Creating an easy to use time-tracking app for the team.


  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Our role

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development

Timesheets are no fun

Time tracking is vital for agencies, but often tedious and inexact. We wanted to create a user friendly tool that would allow users to track their time efficiently, and challenge existing, clunky time tracking tools. We also wanted to create a tool that allowed business to benefit from the data and track their project spending and resource usage.

Designing an app that met DDs values and ideals

We aimed to design and build a timesheet tracking application in line with DDs values to support our workflow compared to off the shelf solutions (which are often better suited for more corporate use cases). We hoped to find novel and interesting ways of addressing the challenge of timetracking and gather vital data for the business.

A tool for creative, agile agencies

The app was intended for Digital Detox employees, initially, with the possibility of making it available as a SaaS offering at a later stage, for a target audience of similarly minded, creative, agile, digital agencies.

Technologies we used

We used Sketch and Invision within the design team and used Laravel (PHP), PostgreSQL, Xamarin (C#), Ember.js (JavaScript) during development.. We deployed on Amazon Web Services.

The result

We built a native app as well as a web front end, taking an API-first driven-approach to the business logic of the application. The team love using the app and the web interface, which is evident in the numbers of completed timesheets. that has gone from X to Y. It’s a tool we all happily use every day.

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