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    Systems Integration

    We take a responsible and measured approach to systems integration. Often, this requires focusing on getting the basics right before we start adding new functionality or connecting independent systems.

    First, we’ll review your legacy systems and outline any risks, limitations or opportunities connected with integrating other systems. Then, we’ll work closely with your development team to share knowledge and understanding of how to implement systems integration that is low risk, scalable and secure in the long-term.

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    API integration

    The world of AI and web AR are providing some exciting opportunities for API integration. We’ve explored Microsoft cognitive services for multiple clients who need a simple way of analysing and organising large databases.

    We don’t use whizzy technology for the sake of dazzling clients. Instead, we define the user needs and business objectives first, then create a working prototype to visualise the design and development solution. Finally, we’ll investigate the best API integration to provide value and useful functionality to end users.

    Integrating with legacy infrastructure

    If you need support in integrating new systems with legacy infrastructure, this is an area we are very experienced in. We understand many of the common constraints associated with legacy systems and how to overcome any hurdles they present.

    It’s also important to think about your long-term business goals and digital strategy, then how any systems integration will support this. It can be tempting to rush into systems integration to achieve short-term business goals, but the long-term efficiency and security of your systems is critical. So, we’ll ensure none of your architectural integrity is compromised in an effort to modernise or replace legacy systems.

    Writing new APIs

    When writing new APIs, we focus on accessibility and security first. We use standardised documentation and a proven approach to writing APIs. Sometimes, we’ll re-use existing technology to help us move quickly and stay within budget.

    We’ll tailor the API to the specific user needs and existing system constraints to make sure it functions as expected, and doesn’t introduce any issues or bugs when it’s exposed to your existing platform.

    Systems integration presents a huge opportunity to clients, as long as it’s done right. We know how to integrate systems in a high value, low risk and future-proofed way.

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    To find out how we approach systems integration and what we can do to modernise and enhance your existing technology stack, get in touch.

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