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    Enterprise Website Design

    Enterprise website design is about delivering on users’ wants, needs and expectations. We’ll help you discover what that means to your unique audience and industry.

    For us, the principles of enterprise website design are based around simplicity, elegance and usability. What makes our approach unique is that your enterprise website design will be created with technical feasibility in mind. We’ll present designs that have been thoroughly thought through from a UX, aesthetic and technical perspective so whether we do the development or you chose to do this in-house, the designs will act as a viable blueprint for development.

    We are also big believers in the value of testing. As part of your website design discovery phase, we can build a prototype that will allow you to test and validate any assumptions about user behaviour. This strips away any subjectivity and means your designs are developed on what customers really want, rather than what we may think.

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    Website design & development

    Much of our work is focused on Discovery and Proof of Concept projects. At the end of a discovery period, we’ll deliver a visual, interactive prototype based on existing hypotheses and assumptions of what customers want.

    Once users start to test out these theories within the prototype, you’ll get a really clear picture of how viable, feasible and useful your product concept or proposed user journey is. Then, you can develop it knowing it’ll work.

    We’re not going to try and influence you with passionate speeches and emotive platitudes. Instead, we’re going to show you the value we can deliver to your customers, as quickly as possible. Evidence beats emotion every time.

    CMS configuration

    When it comes to CMS configuration there are certain similarities across the board of industries, business types and user needs. Typically, you’ll need to accommodate multiple users, varying levels of permission and watertight security for all editors.

    Therefore, a lot of CMS configuration principles are industry-agnostic and apply to pretty much any business.

    This means we can develop working CMS prototypes at pace and then tailor the first draft to apply to your particular user needs, design preferences and business objectives. You may need your CMS configuration to cover multiple languages and locations, analytics and information or content types. This is where the beauty of our website design service comes into its own.

    Digital design

    If we were to sum up our approach to digital design in three words, it would be; “Less is More”.

    Users want a clear user journey that guides them to the areas of your website or application which are most valuable to them. At Digital Detox, we harness the potential of emerging technologies to build engaging experiences for online users, backed by beautiful and elegant digital design. For us, it’s about developing a minimum lovable product, not just an MVP.

    We use prototyping wherever possible as this is the best way to outline a user journey in a low risk, visual way.

    Managed hosting

    Security, cost, efficiency and risk mitigation are key aspects of managed hosting for our clients.

    We’ll help you partner with the best hardware or software provider that meets your needs and budget. You’ll enjoy competitive deals that will cover the lifecycle of your IT operations and the very best security software to protect your data and systems.

    This means you can focus on other areas of your business with complete peace of mind that your managed hosting requirements are being taken care of by an experienced partner.

    We’ll also lead you through any industry or compliance changes you need to be aware of and maintain your company’s online security as our very biggest priority.

    We focus on building a minimum lovable product for our clients, not just an MVP.

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    If you’re keen to connect with us and find out more about enterprise website design at Digital Detox, get in touch.

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