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    Digital Strategy

    One of the biggest misconceptions about digital strategy is that it’s just about the technology. In fact, technology is simply an enabler. In reality, lateral thinking, innovation, proven methodologies and a customer focused approach make a successful digital strategy.

    At Digital Detox, we’ve created robust, strategic digital roadmaps for big, established enterprise businesses. We’ve also supported emerging startups as they define the best digital strategy to achieve cut-through in the noise of a competitive digital world.

    Whether we’re re-imagining existing user journeys or creating entirely new customer experiences, we apply our experience, expertise and proven ways of working to every project, with a trusted track record of success.

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    Technical consultancy

    We’re consultants first. There are probably thousands of digital design and development agencies out there but we’re different to most.

    Our experience, culture, approach and mindset mean we continue to surprise clients with our insightful technical consultancy and strategic leadership.

    It starts with personalisation; a bespoke service that is based on your unique:

    • challenges
    • ideas
    • opportunities
    • objectives
    • budget
    • incumbent technology
    • and existing ways of working.

    There’s very little our talented design and development team cannot do technology-wise, and each member of the team brings fresh perspective, industry insight and experience to their work.

    As a business, we’re constantly evolving and becoming smarter, better and nimbler in the way we work. The majority of our projects are developed as full stack applications but we’re also able to plug a particular skills gap in a client’s team. Whatever the need, we do things properly and with a focus on sustainability.

    As our client, you might not get the end result you expected at the beginning of the project. But you’ll always get something better.

    Transformation consultancy

    Digital transformation requires a huge shift in mindset, culture, ways of working, systems and processes - just to get it off the ground. You’ll also need ongoing insight into how the market is changing and what you can do to stay ahead of the game.

    As part of our approach to transformation consultancy, we’ll:

    • Understand your business objectives and technical roadmap
    • Do research and testing to get insight into any user pain points
    • Conduct a full analysis of your existing legacy systems and infrastructure, and look at ways of modernising this
    • Review your operational processes and ways of working within the incumbent team.

    Our job isn’t to try and replace your team. It’s to upskill and empower them with agile ways of working that will become embedded within the culture of the team.

    We’ll support and guide you on your journey of transformation but also listen to what you want and need as a business. Think of technical consultancy as a digital partnership built on trust and backed by experience.

    Digital experience strategy

    What is it about your product or service that makes customers choose you and nobody else? We’ll help you find out.

    A robust digital experience strategy is key to connecting you to your clients or end users in a way that no one else can. This requires a combination of lateral thinking focused on user needs and business objectives. Both are important, as is a digital experience strategy that’s built around innovation in technology and tangible outputs for customers.

    Your digital experience strategy will be based on simplicity and value, making use of proven technologies that are right for your business and end users.

    Devops review

    Being an agile development team means being structured in a way that allows us to flex to each client’s unique needs. It also helps us pivot, at speed, when things change so we can adapt to new requirements, external influences and client needs without slowing down a project. We’re able to combine the strategic organisation of IT operations with innovative software development practices to provide a comprehensive devops review for your business.

    Most importantly, we keep things simple. We test and prove hypotheses and deliver as much working functionality as possible within the shortest time frame over a continued period of development.

    UX review

    A UX review is a great way to check that you’re staying true to what customers want from your business online. At Digital Detox, we believe that user experience should be simple, elegant and useful.

    What separates our approach from other agencies is that our design and development teams work hand in hand on all projects. Our designers are experts in Javascript development, so as a client, you’ll never be presented with a design that isn’t feasible technically, and we won’t build a development plan that doesn’t look good visually.

    We have a motto at Digital Detox that says a designer finishes, not when there is nothing more to be added to the design, but rather when there is nothing more to be taken away!

    Thought leadership

    Thought leadership is based on a few pillars of practice:

    • Industry insight
    • Experience
    • Technical ability
    • Knowledge of current and future trends.

    We combine these principles to provide the best possible advice and guidance to our clients, with their unique needs and goals at the forefront of our minds.

    For example, you may have a defined idea of what you’d like to build, the framework to use and the ideal user journey. We’ll then test that theory with users and review your existing website infrastructure to check that it’s feasible. If it’s not, we’ll suggest an alternative approach based on the evidence and our experience of best in class technologies.

    This removes the emotive aspect and keeps the project focused on what customers really want, or what the evidence tells us they may want in the future. That’s true thought leadership.

    Industry insight

    There is no one place to get industry insight or information on future trends across all industries. Instead, we need to combine our efforts and share knowledge on an ongoing basis, inside and outside the business.

    We’re often invited to speak at digital events like SXSW and CogX and regularly attend talks or webinars to learn as much as we can about the future digital landscape. Sometimes, it’s useful to seek inspiration from developments within other industries to shape an idea of what the future may bring to yours.

    The main aim is to demystify the digital landscape for clients and give them tangible insights into what end users want and what they’re likely to want in the future.

    People love the way we work as much as what we do.

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