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    Digital Product Engineering

    The digital product engineering team’s efforts are largely API-driven as this gives the flexibility to integrate systems and services with legacy infrastructure and newer architecture.

    We focus on getting the basics right and encourage clients to strengthen their existing architecture before adding new functionality. In this way, we’ll help them future-proof and secure their online systems and prevent any issues or breakdowns as new technology is introduced.

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    React framework

    React framework is a dynamic development structure that gives great flexibility for displaying back-end data in a beautiful and visual way.

    We have significant experience of developing elegant and functional user interfaces using React. Many of our clients favour React framework as their preferred open source Javascript library.

    Our team are Javascript experts at heart, so they’re able to support any framework or development language you prefer to use as a client. Though, they’ll always suggest the best framework for your needs to guarantee your interface looks good and works seamlessly.

    Design and build projects

    At Digital Detox we take a unique approach to design and build projects by connecting our designers and developers in a single, cohesive team.

    This means that all designs are created with technical feasibility in mind. It also means that our developers work to aesthetic blueprints when building architecture for clients. The other benefit is time - with designers and developers working alongside each other, we are able to develop a wireframe or prototype simultaneously. This can speed up the timeframe for design and build projects for clients.

    Full stack engineering and development

    We create beautiful and intuitive user journeys that make use of emerging technologies, industry innovations and best in class digital diligence. Having begun our journey specialising in full stack javascript development, over the past 15 years our team have covered a wide range of code frameworks, industry experts and professional interests.

    Backed by the ongoing support of senior leaders, we manage a highly efficient agile team with a proven track record of success.

    Design systems

    Our unique design systems are created with a clear user journey in mind. They represent a collection of elements that will be designed and developed into a simple, elegant customer facing product. Every component of the design systems we deliver to clients has a focus on reusability, simplicity and accessibility.

    “Design systems provide a convenient, centralised, and evolving map of a brand’s known product territories with directional pointers to help you explore new regions.” —Chris Messina, tech evangelist and former developer experience lead at Uber.

    Digital scrums

    As a digital product engineering team, we use digital scrums to manage all projects in an agile way. Our developers possess an impressive range of skills, experience, cross-functional ability and personalities. This means we present a really well rounded digital function that can adapt and attend to our client’s individual needs. Startups work with us because we’re able to deliver working functionality at speed that’s always of a high standard. Large enterprise organisations trust us to provide guidance and leadership to their teams, often embedding our developers into their own cultures and workflows.

    The team is passionate about exploring new ways of working and testing our exciting technological developments in the field of AR and progressive web apps.

    Production strength prototypes

    We try to use prototyping wherever possible as it’s the most robust way of testing assumptions, visualising data and proving the feasibility of a product concept or design.

    We’ve become so adept at this process that we’re able to build production strength prototypes within a matter of a few weeks. Clients love this approach because it gives them something tangible to prove value to stakeholders, obtain board level buy-in or test concepts with end users.

    As a digital product engineering team, we use prototyping wherever possible to prove value, test feasibility and visualise complex data and user journeys. It’s a tried and tested method that works.

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    If you need a brilliant digital product engineering team to support your digital transformation goals or create beautiful user journeys for your customers, get in touch.

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