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  • Application Development

    Application Development

    Successful application development requires experience, insight and a practical knowledge of emerging technologies. We have a deep level of understanding of what constitutes good javascript development, backed by an intelligent and automated approach to managing and visualising data.

    Whether you’re looking for full stack application development, or you simply need some expertise to guide your existing team, we can help. We’ll embed our developers within the very furniture of your team, assimilating to your culture and ways of working, whilst bringing our unique flair and experience to improve on the great work you’re already doing. This is particularly useful for startups who need quick access to high level application development expertise at an affordable cost.

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    Component Library

    Reusable technology is at the heart of our approach to component library design for clients. We use component libraries to help companies future-proof their products and services. In this way, a component library provides a foundation on which further functionality can be added in the future.

    A reusable component library also forms part of our commitment to sustainable development - the more we can build now to reuse later, the more sustainable our practices will be.

    Front end development

    We prefer to think of front end development under the wider umbrella term of ‘javascript development’. Whatever you choose to call it, our developers create beautiful and intuitive online interfaces that are API-driven and data-led.

    Front end development at Digital Detox is guided by best practice digital design approaches. We are also focused on delivering as much workable functionality as we can upfront. This allows for testing and complete transparency on our methods and development practices to get to the end result.

    Complex javascript application development

    No task is too daunting for our experienced application development team. Our developers are Javascript pros and they’re able to tackle even the most complex javascript application development challenges.

    They’ll always refer back to your user needs, industry insight, research, emerging technologies and shared knowledge between team members. Through this, they’ll find innovative solutions for complex javascript application development and creating seamless interfaces that look simple and beautiful to end users.

    Progressive web apps

    Progressive web apps are a unicorn in the world of application development. They combine the dynamism and fluidity of a browser service with the security, engagement and accessibility of a native app.

    As a team experienced in application development across industries and client types, we’ll make recommendations on the best type of app for your unique needs. Often, we’ll develop a progressive web app in conjunction with a native app, to add more value to users and expand the reach of your product to a wider audience.

    Our approach to application development is simple; put the customer’s needs first. Once we know what end users need, we can then find a solution that’s sustainable, scalable and secure.

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    If you’d like to see some examples of our application development in action, get in touch.

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