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Transforming one-time users into loyal customers through enhanced UX design

Transforming one-time users into loyal customers through enhanced UX design

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Changing from one provider to another has become a regular money-saving activity for bill payers of every description. When it comes to price comparison websites, Uswitch is a household name. The well-renowned brand helps customers switch providers in a number of fields, including energy, personal finance, insurance and communications services.

Despite the fact that most consider switching their energy provider once a year as the perfect time frame to stick to in terms of getting the best value for money, the majority of individuals tend to stay put with the providers that they have.

Due to this, transforming one-time users into regular, loyal customers can be a challenge for any such comparison site. It was this recurring pattern of behaviour that Uswitch was eager to alter, and the reason that they came to us with a request for an innovative UX strategy that would break the mould.

We provided the Uswitch team with the necessary additional resources to help adjust the customer journey in such a way that customers would want to return time and again.

Switching digital designs

The task was to create a customer accounts web homepage that would increase cross sell, data capture and consent gathering to enable greater customer retention.

We would need to:

  • Integrate with the Uswitch team to ensure that there was a correlation between what was required and what was produced.
  • Assess current data and conduct interviews to establish what was required.
  • Conduct guerilla research with an appropriate cross-section of individuals.
  • Design an accounts homepage that would help gather the correct information in a GDPR-friendly manner.

The relationship

As we were brought in to be an extra arm of their team, it was essential that we create and maintain a strong line of contact with Uswitch. However, given the team’s busy schedule, we also had to operate without taking up too much time.

Plus, due to the project running for just a 3 week period, having an understanding of the client’s roadmap was vital to the project running smoothly. Otherwise any work completed could become immediately redundant.

To circumvent this potential issue, the teams needed to formulate a mode of contact that would allow for clear messaging without eating into the Uswitch office schedule. Therefore, the teams corroborated through regular short, sharp meetings. Lasting no more than 20 minutes, they would allow for all the essential information to be shared without taking too much time.

The two teams also used communication platform Slack, which allowed for a constant line of conversation to flow, as well as the efficient sharing of important documents.

The process

Operating within a 3 week window, our work had to be clearly structured to optimise time usage. As such, we followed a 3 step process, with each of the sections occurring on a separate week.

Week one was focused on the discovery stage. Through structured interviews and thorough data analysis we were able to decipher both the state of the current system in place and what was required to optimise the new system. The data collected allowed us to accurately map out exactly what it was that Uswitch were after and allowed us to map out the next steps.

Week two was centered around the ideation stage. Through brainstorming sessions and co-creation meetings with Uswitch, we deciphered the best process possible for both teams. This stage outlined exactly what needed to be prioritised in terms of redesigning the new webpage. We were able to share ideas about how we could effectively gather the necessary customer data and utilise it in such a way that would improve retention rates.

Week three rounded off the project with the prototype stage. Having outlined positive opportunities and ideas for improving their current accounts homepage, we reviewed the model with our internal team and the team at Uswitch. Once it was approved, a guerilla marketing strategy was implemented to attain the valuable opinions of potentially interested parties to improve UX.

Having taken all of this on board, the Uswitch team were able to put the project live and run MVT and A/B testing on it to further refine it.

The outcome

The work was very well received at Uswitch, resulting in the eventual implementation of the new accounts homepage design. The design was deemed to have improved UX, increasing focus on gathering the correct data in an efficient and unobtrusive manner.

Having appreciated our input on the accounts homepage, Uswitch later proposed that we repeat the process with a number of their other web pages. We are continuing to work with Uswitch on a capacity level to help implement design elements across their site, with the aim of further bolstering their UX and data capture processes.