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The growth of the Digital Detox team through COVID-19

The growth of the Digital Detox team through COVID-19

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The past year has been...well, we don’t need to tell you how tough it’s been.

Covid-19 has affected every one of us in some way, both personally and professionally. While it’s certainly been challenging, at Digital Detox we’re extremely proud of the way the team has pulled together and continued caring, coding and collaborating throughout the changes of the past eighteen months.

The growth of the Digital Detox team through Covid-19 is a story we’re proud to tell. It’s one that shows the strength of connection, diversity and technology.

We’d like to share this story with you, including some words from our most important advocates; our teammates and colleagues. This is how we’ve continued to grow and even thrive throughout the pandemic, and why we’ll keep working hard and caring deeply about people, the planet and technology.

The shift to remote working

Asli Gunay, Senior Developer at Digital Detox

Asli is one of over twenty colleagues who joined Digital Detox during the pandemic. For many people, the sudden shift to remote working was a shock - moving from social interaction in real life to Zoom calls, bedroom offices and remote collaboration.

As a digital-first company, we were well equipped to manage the transition from the technology perspective. Though it was our people-first culture that made the biggest difference during the change. Our HR team has checked in with everyone regularly and made sure we all feel supported and looked after while working from home.

Remote onboarding

Because we’ve continued working almost as normal through the pandemic, our team has grown within that time. This means we’ve had to revolutionise our onboarding process to work remotely.

No sweat for our brilliant HR team!

Danielle joined right in the middle of the pandemic and had a great remote onboarding experience with the team:

Danielle Caslin, Senior Project Manager at Digital Detox

For us, our employees’ mental wellbeing is more important than anything else we do. We know that happy, well looked after colleagues are healthier and produce better quality work, so everyone wins.

The same applies to new starters. We’ve been keen to give them the same level of support and social interaction that they’d receive physically in the office, so we’ve adjusted our onboarding process to make sure they get that.

Our work during Covid

We’ve been lucky to take on some exciting and fascinating projects during the pandemic. This has been a big factor in the growth of the Digital Detox team, and we’re grateful to our clients for trusting us to manage their relationships and projects remotely.

Asli Gunay, Senior Developer at Digital Detox

To keep our clients updated, we try to use as many informal communication channels as possible, like Slack and Trello. This means that conversations flow naturally and there’s the same instantaneous response you’d get in person.

The future

We’ve now adopted a fully flexible approach to working. Those colleagues who crave the buzz of our office in Brixton are very welcome to work there now that we’ve reopened in a Covid-safe way. For others who prefer working remotely, there will never be any pressure to return to the office.

We’ve realised as a company that it’s vital to offer fully flexible working options for everyone. This means each individual can choose to work how, when and where suits them best. Our clients will continue getting the best service and groundbreaking technology they’ve come to expect, and our employees (existing and new) will remain happy, healthy and exceptional at what they do.

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