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Financial Freedom for Digital Detox employees

Financial Freedom for Digital Detox employees

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Money - ugh. Nobody wants to talk about money - and certainly not to our colleagues or employers!

Yet, 77% of UK employees say that money worries impact them at work. In fact, an employee is 2.2 times more likely to look for another job if they’re suffering from poor financial wellbeing (source: Bippit).

At Digital Detox, we do all we can to ensure our team is happy and healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally…and financially. So we’re offering Bippit to all employees to help them enjoy financial freedom through this groundbreaking new service.

Flexible team perks

Recently, we introduced a new approach to flexible team perks for all Digital Detox employees. We already had a robust set of benefits, and team members had a set amount allocated for various aspects of their lifestyle, such as a wellness allowance.

As the team has continued to grow and diversify, we’ve found that team members prioritise different aspects of their benefits programme. So we wanted to give everyone the flexibility to distribute their benefits allocation in the way that works best for each individual.

Most of the team use their benefits for wellness; from purchasing gym equipment for their homes to having a personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals. Financial wellness is an important aspect of employee wellbeing, so we’re delighted to offer Bippit to our team to help with that.

What is Bippit?

Bippit is dedicated to making financial advice and support accessible to everyone. Their goal is to empower individuals to take charge of their financial health through dedicated financial coaches, resources and open conversations in a safe, stigma-free environment.

Bippit offers:

  • A financial health check that takes just a minute to complete
  • Unlimited access to a financial coach for safe and open conversations
  • Webinars and content that’s easy to understand and accessible to everyone
  • Tools to set goals and track spending

Why is Bippit a great fit for Digital Detox?

There is so much to love about Bippit and we feel it’s a very natural fit for our company and employees.

For a start, Bippit is an entirely customer-focused organisation, a trait we can relate to as a business. They’ve designed their entire service around what ordinary people need, to manage their financial health.

Their platform is easy to use and we love the idea of having access to coaches to guide each individual through their journey. Bippit has developed their service in an agile way, simplifying complex financial terms to make them accessible to everyone - it’s easy to use, simple to understand and well designed for our team.

How will Bippit benefit Digital Detox?

Bippit will give our brilliant team useful tips and support to help them manage their finances. We also hope it’ll show the team how much we value them, and that we will invest in their wellbeing across all areas of life, including their financial health. Finally, we hope that having financial security will make our team feel happier and healthier, and we see this as inclusion into their current benefits package, which we think is pretty competitive and one of the (many) perks of working at DD!

As a company, our entire ethos is built around people, the planet and technology. This is reflected in the way we work with each other and how we live, at work and outside of work.

We already know that happy, healthy employees produce outstanding work, but introducing Bippit isn’t just about employee output. We genuinely care about every member of the team and want to do all we can to look after their well-being.

Our low staff churn rate is testament to the impact of looking after our people. We’re proud of our positive, enthusiastic, talented and diverse team and we’re very excited to introduce Bippit to them.

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