We are inventors, design thinkers and engineers

  • We are 14 years old but have an average age of 30

  • We work with clients in 22 countries across 13 time zones

  • We are 12 nationalities and together we speak 11 languages

  • In 2016 we took part in 8 conferences, 2 corporate responsibility days and 4 extreme sports events

Digital Detox – it’s our name because it’s what we do. We’re tired of the clutter, of the noise around coding, designing and building beautiful and clever products and services. Our mission is to detox the digital landscape – to make the complicated simple, the impossible accessible and the in-depth engaging.

We think great digital experiences can shape a better world. Our team brings together the brightest and best people and experience from across the globe, and from this diversity comes the understanding, empathy, intellect and impetus to make a difference to every digital challenge. Together we shine a fresh perspective on familiar problems and tackle new challenges with tested and proven methodologies.

We believe in

Simple, elegant design Clean code Clear, concise processes Dedicated teams Close collaboration Partners, not customers

We value

  • Simplicity of
    form and idea

  • Creativity and

  • Care and
    attention to detail

  • Integrity and

  • Teamwork and

  • Fun and

Welcome to DD Towers

Towers is right, too. Our studio hovers over the heart of Brixton – ten floors up with 360° views of London’s iconic skyline. We think it’s one of the best views in the city and gives us a bird’s eye perspective on everything happening in the world’s digital and technological capital.

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What we do

We create beautiful digital experiences and bring them to life in code.

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Journal -

World Health Day

Helping us to create awareness on important health topics each year. This year it’s Depression, and without WHD, we wouldn’t have a recognition day for such an important topic, which would likely remain unnoticed and ‘taboo-like’ for more years to come.

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