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We're Digital Detox, a humanity-led tech agency

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  • We're Digital Detox, a humanity-led tech agency
  • We design and build digital products
  • Our creative problem solving skills deliver impact and value
  • Helping you capitalise on digital opportunities

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  • Delivering digital empowerment

    We are a humanity-led digital product agency, specialising in design, full stack development, startup tech partnerships and digital transformation.

  • Technology with purpose

    Our goal is to create future-proofed products with the right technology, in the most digitally sustainable way.

  • Because the world is getting noisier

    Be creating experiences without clutter or unnecessary complexity - 'noise' - we allow people to do what they need efficiently, making time for things that matter more.

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Their digital ideas, products and solutions are profoundly reshaping our world.

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  • Ready to simplify?